[Weekly Recap|45/16] Gold, GBP, EUR, Indices: Give the Market Room to Find itself after Major News

[Weekly Recap|44/16] Significant Changes in World Markets: FTSE Index, SPX, Eurusd, Gold

How I use Fractals to Trade Trends

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In Focus: Eurostoxx Index

I guess there is not a single person on earth who doesn’t know that since 2008, the European Union (EU) has had do deal with many struggles. It’s not just that there is a refugee crisis hitting the increasingly political Union as of now, there is also a financial crisis going on – still.

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What are “Fractals” in Trading?

In the methodology presented on this blog the term Fractal comes up all the time. It is found in the About section of Fractal-Trading as part of an entry strategy. More precisely, it defines breakout points where the trendfollower finds a good time and place to buy or sell, depending on if it’s an up- or downfractal.

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USD/CAD: “It’s never too high to buy.”

This blog doesn’t only have the purpose to inform about current developments in the trading and trendfollowing world – especially regarding articles, risk management and trading systems, but another purpose of it is actually looking at major markets and their trend situation. Should we be in a market to profit from a developing trend? Should we place an order to buy or sell or should we just stay out because the market’s nature is choppy?

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