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My name is Franz, I am a complete Trading Nerd, having spent so much time studying markets and everything relating to them. Next to autodidactic studies in that regard, I also engaged in studying at various german universities. I hold a Master’s degree in teaching English and Politics and I have lived in the United States for a significant amount of time as well as for six months in the Netherlands. During that time my eight-year university education was riping and studies in regard to psychology and human behavior became the focus of my interest. While acquiring knowledge in the field of psychology and transferring that on the market environment, I was able to observe the outcomes of traders’ actual behavior by being active in financial markets. Watching and observing the markets, how the participants follow the paths of greed and fear again and again, just doesn’t get boring for me. I take a lot of pleasure in taking advantage of human behavior in this regard, especially as I have developed a strategy and general trading plan as well as Risk Management Parameters to manage trades from a trendfollowing perspective. Simply seizing the opportunities the markets offer, being disciplined enough to always act accordingly to market movements and taking a slice of the big cake, has become a passion for me.

Having travelled to most countries in Europe, the USA and parts of North Africa, I speak German and English fluently and I have moderate skills in Dutch and Spanish.

The combination of those experiences enabled me to progress further in my own trading process. Especially in regard to trading system, risk management and trader psychology. Today I successfully and confidently trade my own approach.

Trading Studies:

I was fortunate enough to find a suitable Trading Approach to my liking right from the start. It is the trend-based approach by Bill Williams. I have studied and traded it with all available materials and personal contact to Justine Williams for ten years. I devoted all my time and energy to understanding the markets from a trend-trading perspective and endorse the trendfollowing philosophy which is mainly circulated by Michael Covel, but has its origins with Jesse Livermore in the 1920’s and lateron with the Turtles during the 1980’s. Today there remain many trendfollowers such as David Harding, Larry Hite, Salem Abraham, Bill Dunn etc. Many of them manage the most successful Hedge Funds using the trendfollowing approach to financial markets. Having learned from these elite traders, I am trading the major world markets successfully combining the Fractal-Trading System with the fundamental perspectives of trendfollowing. I am currently engaged in trading 45 markets ranging from indices and currencies to metals, softs, energy and bonds. I consider the daily and weekly timeframe the most worthy trading my approach, since the most stable, robust and ongoing trends can be found there.



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