Risk Management is not just Numbers, it Involves Emotions

There are many educational and entertaining, some boring and others enjoyable, podcasts regarding trading out there. You can really use a lot of them for your personal advance in your trading progress and process. While I personally enjoy Michael Covel very much, the BetterSystemTrader podcast also features interesting guests with unique trading experiences and tips for improvement.

Since one of the most important aspects of Trading is Risk Management, it is always interesting to keep educating oneself on how to lose less and make more money in trading. While this ends up being primarily a psychological issue, it does involve Risk Management just as much, since the interconnection of those two factors cannot be denied. Both will affect each other and that can then be seen in the resulting trader’s performance.

Listen to an interesting podcast from BetterSystemTrader in which he interviews Tim Rea in regard to personal drawdown tolerance.


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