Bill Williams PhD of Profitunity explains the world of trading

Back in the early 1990’s, Bill Williams was well-known for looking at the markets in a behaviorial manner, and until this day his findings and contributions to the trading world remain at the forefront of the business. He was one of the first to talk about markets being 80% psychological (if not more) and the concept of wanting “what the market wants.”

His views are backed by scientific philosophies and psychology, the following two presentations by him, recorded sometime during the 1990’s, delve deep into his holistic understanding of the universe and therefore the markets.

Even though much of his indicators, named Alligator or Awesome Oscillator and concepts like The Five Magic Bullets as well as titles reading The Holy Grail to Trading seem at first glance very unfortunately chosen, and they are, he makes complete sense including a well-researched trading system developed by himself as well as Risk Management factors plus advice on the role of human emotions in the profession of trading. The videos below will provide a very good first step into what the world of trading really was, is and will be.

The material is still up to date and shouldn’t be disregarded, if only because of the ideas put forward. If you are looking for some food for thought about the philosophies of trading, this will definitely still your hunger!


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