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February 26, 2012 § 1 Comment

As you may have noticed, blog updates have become rare. Due to a great lack of time and the blog posing too much of a workload, I am continuing updates on current positions and general market perspectives from the Chaos Trading point of view on Twitter. Updates are more to the point, current and effective this way. You are very welcome to follow me @TradingSwings.

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Stocks Plunge on Europe Debt Crisis

November 9, 2011 § 4 Comments

… was the headline all day today in my favorite live newsroom. And so markets are finally offering new opportunities to take advantage of those very volatile moves. Unfortunately, most sell orders were not hit until today, when quite a few fractal sell signals were triggered, but there were no divergent bars on any of the underlyings I like to discuss here. So, I am in kind of late, but since I am still expecting the biggest drops are yet to come, there is a good chance those entries will still prove to be good opportunities. Maybe all the waiting has finally reached an end and markets have decided which way they want to go. The dilemma of the past weeks not knowing if a new wave upwards has started or if a drop will continue the new overall downtrends, may be over. Economically not favorable, with the triggering of all of the indicated signals, it fundamentally doesn’t look good for many economies around the world (not that it had before…)

Enjoy the charts!

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The Past 4 Weeks in Charts

October 12, 2011 § 2 Comments

Welcome back everyone.. it has been a while since the last update, but I don’t want you to miss out on what this system has been delivering in the last 4 weeks. I will just let the charts speak for themselves.. the only thing for a future outlook I would like to mention, is that a lot of instruments are running up insanely for that correction of the deep drops. Those are very tradable 4h moves to the upside, and now the angulation to the alligator is so steep, that the next divergent bar should be a good place to try to sell. We’ll see how it goes.. here come the charts..

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Dax: How the Selling Went on the 4h

September 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

Altogether the drop in the Indices was quite profitable. I was lucky enough to choose to trade it on the Dax – as it turns out it was the most moving of the Indices. As is happening in various FX pairs right now, the downmove after 5 waves had finished on the weekly timeframe, was tremendous and happened very fast, as usual.

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Sell: Dax, Gbpusd, Nzdusd, Audusd

September 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

I will let the charts speak for themselves this time .. it looks like we could be entering quite a selling period in many instruments these days. Euro pairs were also down quite a bit during the end of last week.. if the mentioned buy signals will still appear, we will have to see.

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Euro Shorts on 4h, Dax Short Nice Again

September 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Indices continue to trade weak after the last profit on some short positions had been banked. And as it turns out, there is a clear wave count in the internal charts. Obviously, today’s weakness is due to the 4h wave 5 that esp. the Dax is finishing off these days. If you sold at the divergent bar ending wave 4, you are in profit of more than 400 points since thursday. Once again, just one position. There were 2 more fractals that would easily double that profit. However, looking at the waves we most likely reached some sort of low point here and I am looking for a bullish divergent bar on the daily chart during this trading week. A couple of hundred points to the upside could be the result of 5 waves ending on the 4h timeframe.

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Dax Shorts Yield Crazy Profits, New Buy Signals in € & £

August 15, 2011 § 4 Comments

As the headline states, the Indices yielded insane profits during the past 2 trading weeks. If you took the fractal sell signals that I indicated in the chart in an earlier blog entry, you made a profit of more than 2000 points in just 1,5 weeks. Moves like this don’t occur very often, thankfully in the Indices, but when they do and you are on track with the wave count and the fractal breakout signals, a very quick but also quite large profit can be the result, as these trades show. As for the current development of the Indices, I don’t think anything good will happen in the coming days. Those markets need more correction time after dropping so heavily. The Dax has lost 20% in the mentioned time period, therefore patience is important once again.

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