[Weekly Recap|47/16] B/O Working in SPX, Eur, Gbpaud, USD, NZD; Gold about to Reverse?

[Weekly Recap|46/16] Indices Undecided: SPX, Dow, ASX, Nikkei, Dax and Crazy Currencies: New B/O Everywhere

[Weekly Recap|45/16] Gold, GBP, EUR, Indices: Give the Market Room to Find itself after Major News

[Weekly Recap|44/16] Significant Changes in World Markets: FTSE Index, SPX, Eurusd, Gold

[Weekly Recap|43/16] Global Indices in Focus: Dow Jones, Dax, FTSE Index

[Weekly Recap|42/16] Indices Mixed Picture, EUR Breaking Out, USD Long, GBP Overall Still Down